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The Art of Hoyt Silva

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Story + Pictures

Hoyt Silva is a rising star in the grand universe of storytelling. From working on various titles for independent publishers to spearheading his own web-comic efforts through Webtoons Canvas. Hoyt brings the heat when it comes to telling a story. With so many fresh styles ranging from dramatic and serious to lighthearted and funny Hoyt’s constantly pushing himself out of his comfort zone in an order to bring comics to a broader audience.

Pushing Personal Boundaries.

I’m more comfortable outside of my comfort zone. If I don’t push my personal boundaries I grow bored of the status quo and that’s the most dangerous position to be in when doing illustration for a living.


Digital to Traditional

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"The new pickle."


Illustration by way of Storytelling


Visionary Direction

Storytelling is survival. It’s what separates us from all the other living things on the planet. We pass on what we know through morals, fables, and tales so those that come after us can learn from our successes and mistakes.

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